unfamiliargirl (unfamiliargirl) wrote in ncis_100,


Is there interest in getting this comm up and running again??!

  • The Elevator, Batch #2

    Subject: The Elevator Themes: Frozen, Space, Earth, Artic, Scuttlebutt, Station, Decision, Waiting, Magic, Dreaded Progress: 30/100 Note: Batch #2…

  • The Elevator, Batch #1

    Subject: The Elevator Themes: Dead End, Gun, Lightning, Hurt, Promise, Equal, Mistake, Yearning, Cause, Puppet Progress: 15/100 Note: Batch #1…

  • Bounce, Batch #1

    This is the first part of the NCIS icon challenge I've been working on... finally! So happy to share at last. :-) Batch: #1 Progress:…

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