Bounce, Batch #1

This is the first part of the NCIS icon challenge I've been working on... finally!  So happy to share at last. :-)


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Batch: #1
Progress: 16|50 :: 20|50 Themed :: 30|50 Artist's Choice
Icon challenge for:   [info]ncis_100


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NCIS Icons: Jenny Shepard and Jethro Gibbs FINISHED for ncis_100

Subject: Jenny Shepard and Jethro Gibbs
Theme Update: Earth, Soggy, Rising, Flying
Them: 50
Alternate: 6
FINISHED: 9/5/2008
1. 2.3.

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Credit: The text used in the Choice Icon "Goodbye" is from the book Twilight.
Brushes are from Atherreality, Annika Von Holdt, and others.

Thanks to everyone who's been so helpful with ideas and such and for extensions!